All workshops are $10.00 per session. Please make checks payable to Crozet Community Chorus.

Music Theory/Sight Singing: Class 2 : Sunday, October 16, 3 to 5 PM, Choir Room, Crozet Baptist Church, St. George Ave.
Scales (major, minor), key signatures, circle of 5ths, intervals. Group will practice counting, rhythm, knowing what key you are in, tempo, dynamics, singing your part while others sing theirs. Begin to work on sight singing. BRING YOUR MUSIC as you will use that for practicing.

Music Theory/Sight Singing:  Class 3: Sunday, October 30, 3-5 PM, Choir Room, Crozet Baptist Church, St. George Ave.
Triads, inversions, cadences, consonance and dissonance.  Group will continue to apply what has been taught from Workshops 1-3—focus on staying on key, staying on your music line, working with dynamics and other notations from your music. Apply what is learned to sight singing BRING YOUR MUSIC!

Music Theory/Sight Singing:  Class 4: Sunday, November 6, 3-5 pm Choir Room, Crozet Baptist Church, St. George Ave.
Putting it all together: Form and structure. Review and application of scales, key signatures, notes and counts, intervals, rhythm, tempo, dynamics and sight singing.  BRING YOUR MUSIC!

All sessions will be taught by Siri Kristenson:
Siri Kristenson teaches voice and piano in Earlysville and Crozet.  She holds her Master's and Bachelor's degrees in Music Theory from the New England Conservatory & Chicago College of Performing Arts respectively. Before moving to Charlottesville from Minneapolis, MN,  she taught piano, voice, and music theory. Siri has sung with some of the nation's top choirs, including VocalEssence and the Minnesota Chorale, performing with Doc Severinsen, Garrison Keillor, Jearlyn Steele, Sweet Honey in the Rock, Andre Thomas, and Maria Jette.  She performed under the direction of Philip Brunelle, Simon Halsey, and has been heard with VocalEssence and the Minnesota Chorale on Minnesota Public Radio and National Public Radio.  Most recently, Siri has performed with Virginia Consort and the Oratorio Society.